V.Stillwater Connects To Saratoga County Water Authority

The Village of Stillwater announced recently an advanced comprehensive water supply improvement project to interconnect their water system with the Saratoga County Water Authority’s water system and provide a safe and reliable water supply to its residents and water customers. Chazen multi‐disciplinary team supported this project by providing the planning, surveying, engineering, permitting and funding research and application services. The project included over 8‐miles of 12‐inch water mains, portions of which were installed using trenchless methods to avoid disturbance to environmentally sensitive areas. The project also included booster chlorination facilities and control valving at the Village’s existing water tanks.

Stillwater final pic for Web


Chazen prepared the successful funding applications for the Village and they were awarded a$2,000,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in support of the project.