Chazen is Proud to Have Worked on the Angry Orchard Cidery Project in Montgomery, NY

December 17, 2015
Angry Orchard Cidery

Chazen worked with the Boston Beer Company to develop a cidery for their Angry Orchard brand cider in the Town of Montgomery. Chazen is responsible for all aspects of site design including survey, master planning, civil site design, water supply, wastewater disposal, and stormwater management. Chazen conducted structural evaluations of several barns being re-purposed for the project and developed a groundwater treatment system so that source water will meet the company’s exacting water quality standards. Chazen obtained site plan and special permit approvals from the Planning Board and designed sustainable features including a grass-pave parking system, permeable pavement and rain gardens. The project will be a tourist destination and a showpiece for the company’s brand.