Civil Engineering

Chazen provides a complete range of civil engineering services for a wide range of public and private projects. Our skilled engineers design critical infrastructure including roads and associated structures, water supply treatment and distribution systems, wastewater collection, treatment and distribution systems, storm sewer and stormwater management systems.

Whether a client is an institution, industrial facility or in the private sector, Chazen’s Civil Engineering Group offers a full suite of civil engineering solutions. Our expertise helps identify crucial issues in the early stages of development. We understand zoning laws, environmental reviews and the permitting processes. We coordinate with other Chazen professionals, such as land surveyors and wetland specialists, to ensure that all project deadlines are met and deliverables are produced on time. Chazen is committed to green infrastructure practices to maintain healthy waters and support sustainable communities.

Chazen’s civil engineering services include:
  • Site development plans
  • Septic system designs
  • Grading erosion control plans
  • Cut and fill analyses
  • Road design
  • Site access design and permitting
  • Construction engineering, monitoring and administration
  • Stormwater management design
  • Water and wastewater construction expansion, maintenance and repair
  • Sanitary sewer systems construction development, expansion, I and I removal and repair
  • Water resource management
  • Flood control and flood plain management
  • Shoreline management and restoration
  • Traffic management
  • Transportation systems
  • Dam analysis and design