Forensic Engineering

Chazen is pleased to present our Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness Services to the legal and insurance communities. Chazen has been providing professional services to clients throughout the Northeast since 1947. We are a multi-disciplinary company of over 100 professionals with technical expertise in engineering, land surveying, planning, environmental and safety consulting and landscape architecture.

Chazen’s Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness Services embody our expertise in the areas of Traffic Engineering, Construction Services and Transportation Planning. Additionally, issues involving land survey, state environmental permitting, wetland management, sanitary services, code review and design reviews are all areas of expertise Chazen can skillfully translate into clear, concise and understandable concepts for presentation in all legal venues. Our emphasis on quality service within an ethically motivated professional environment.

Chazen’s Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness Testimony Services include:

  • Identification and review of historic infrastructure information

  • Preliminary engineering opinion of the issues

  • Review and assessment of all deposition transcripts and associated legal documents

  • Evaluation of all related details/information and assessment of completeness thereof

  • On-site field inspection to ascertain infrastructure conditions and compare those conditions to the conditions which existed at the date and time of the incident/action

  • Documentation of all relevant data in the form of measurements, digital photographs and/or video in order to memorialize information for possible use in Court

  • Determination of any additional engineering information and resources which would add value to an interpretation of the incident/action

  • Research, retrieval and review of additional resources as necessary

  • Preparation of appropriate fields of strategic inquiry for Court proceedings

  • Presentation to the Court our findings in oral and written/graphical testimony including Professional Opinion Testimony