Ecological Services

Karner Blue Butterfly

Karner Blue Butterfly

Chazen’s team of ecologists can provide habitat studies and management plans.  Ecological assessments are typically required for site development planning, linear facility routing, and projects requiring wetland permits or other regulatory reviews.  Chazen coordinates these biological studies with engineering designs in order to develop integrated project solutions in both developed and undeveloped landscapes.   Such solutions can include:

  •  Avoidance
  • Buffers
  • Migration Corridor Preservation
  • Timing of Work
  • Easements
  • Mitigation Plans
  • Consultation with Agencies

We have provided these services to private clients, municipalities, and utilities and state agencies under a number of different term contracts.

Specific Flora, Fauna and Habitat experience is available to Chazen clients in the areas of:

  • Bog & Blanding’s Turtles, Rattlesnakes, Amphibians, Indiana Bats, Karner Blue Butterflies
  • Habitat Conservation Planning
  • Agency Consultation and Incidental Take Permits
  • Tree Surveys
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Habitat Conservation Planning
  • Fish and Macroinvertebrate Studies


Whether seeking to site a project, evaluate an invasive species, or evaluate and manage ETR species, Chazen can provide effective and experienced assistance. 

Please contact us for a consultation.