Environmental Remediation & Investigations

Chazen’s environmental specialist deliver clean sites.  When a spill occurs or is discovered, Chazen helps site owners respond with appropriate reporting, investigations and prompt remedial action.


Remediation jobs are routinely resolved in months. Chazen’s remediation tools of the trade include:

  • Source Management
  • In-ground Contaminant Plume Destruction
  • Results-based Follow-Up Monitoring

Remediation strategies can be tailored to your business strategy and schedule.  Approaches range from rapid aggressive cleanups to more extended approaches with reduced upfront investments.

Chazen has an experienced roster of successful remediation’s including:

Landfills, Manufacturing Sites, Gas Stations, Dry Cleaners, Commercial Sites and a wide range of properties with petroleum tanks.


Chazen’s environmental investigations are targeted as well as meet regulatory standards for precision and completeness.  Field investigations usually rely on targeted soil samples, borings, and and groundwater samples.  To minimize site disturbances, our team of trained professionals use:

  • Ground-penetrating Radar to seek tanks and lines
  • Small-diameter Probes
  • Real-time Screening Tools
  • Field Gas Chromatograph

Our remedial reports are assembled quickly and in clear language suitable for regulator and client review.