Phase I & II Site Assessments-Due Diligence

Phase I Services

Chazen’s transaction specialists deliver ASTM-compliant Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) that provide landowner liability protection and strategic property data.  Our unique approach is that we work with the client  during this process to resolve any issues as they arise and provide advanced notice if any additional investigation may be warranted prior to acquisition.

Our experience has given us an understanding of the range of current and historic land use activities associated with commercial, industrial, residential and rural properties. Phase I services include:

  • Review of Historical Maps and Records
  • Review Environmental Regulations
  • Conduct Interviews with Site Personnel
  • Site Visits for Profiling Environmental Conditions
  • ASTM Vapor Encroachment Screening (VES) Assessments
  • Building Condition Assessments
  • Asbestos and Lead Paint Surveys

Chazen’s Phase I reports will comply with client-specific formats and will be provided in time for your closing or document review.

Phase II Services

If a Phase I ESA report suggests that high-liability environmental conditions may exist on a site, Chazen’s geologists and scientists can conduct additional investigation to seek suspected contaminants. Some methods include:

  • Target Sampling
  • Soil Boring
  • Groundwater Monitoring

Thoughout this process, Chazen’s clients gain the knowledge to better evaluate project risk and adjust their investment or negotiate their position.

Where contaminants are identified, Chazen advises property owners or investors of:

  • Their Legal Responsibility (Reporting or Cleanup)
  • Opportunities to Optimize Use of Regulatory Programs to Manage Environmental Liability.

Whether you are in need of a Phase I or II, or to discuss a property transaction opportunity, please don’t hesitate to contact us.