Water Supply & Resources Management

Chazen’s hydrogeologists develop high-capacity water supply wells for communities, golf courses, and commercial facilities.

Chazen has identified well locations for countless well sites in eastern New York, in all terrains.  Pumping tests have validated yields from 50 to over 500 gallons per minute.

Using geologic understanding, Chazen’s hydrogeologists identify candidate well locations either in promising glacial outwash sediments or near suspected bedrock fracture clusters.   We supervise well installation, test setup, pump settings, and pumping test management.  We then prepare clear and defensible pumping test reports, including safe yield evaluations and drought capacity analysis.

Chazen wells are at work today, providing water to countless residents and businesses in New York State.   Where necessary, Chazen’s water resource engineers have specified any warranted water quality treatments and Chazen is available to consider when older wells require replacement or redevelopment.

Water Resources

Water resource evaluations are critical to municipal comprehensive plans and watershed-scale sustainability planning.   Chazen has specific expertise in regional groundwater planning services, focusing on regional safe-yield evaluations, sustainable septic system densities, low-flow stream capacity management, and road salt impact analysis.  Planners, county agencies, and NYSDEC have relied on Chazen evaluations for regional-scale resource management decision making.