Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

An accurate and comprehensive GIS record for your community’s facilities or infrastructure is a valuable resource for municipal officials. But one size does not fit all. Chazen’s GIS group understands that every city, town and village has its own particular GIS needs. Chazen offers a full suite of GIS solutions tailored to clients’ technical needs, staff capabilities, time constraints and financial resources.

Chazen’s GIS group offers tailored GIS needs assessment, system design and implementation to municipal and private clients throughout New York State.

Chazen prepares carefully tailored GIS solutions using various sources to fit the clients needs. Our GIS services begin by understanding our client’s situation. We then structure solutions to meet your needs. We always put an emphasis on custom training so that users get the most out of their GIS system. Our data sources include but are not limited to roads, topography, census data, FEMA flood zones, wetlands, soil surveys, NYSDEC streams, parcels, orthophotos, zoning districts, empire zones and USGS elevation models.

Our GIS services include:

  • Data Acquisition, Including Geocoding and Data Attribution
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Capabilities
  • Cartographic Mapping
  • Environmental Constraint Analyses
  • Build-out Studies
  • 3-D Visualizations
  • Site Analyses
  • Granstmanship
  • GIS needs Assessment and Implementation
  • Geodatabase Design