Chazen Announces New Principals

May 4, 2016
Cronk & Boudreau New Principals

Chazen has expanded its ownership with the addition of two new Principals

The Chazen Companies, a leading provider of civil engineering, land surveying, planning, environmental and safety consulting, and landscape architecture services, today announced that it has again expanded its ownership with the addition of two new Principals, George Cronk, P.E., CMS4S and Larry Boudreau, RLA .

The two new shareholders have a wide range of experience and responsibility within the company. Mr. Cronk joined Chazen in 2009 and is Director, Municipal Engineering. Mr. Boudreau started with the company in 2005  and is Director, Land Development.

“Both of our new Principals have demonstrated the leadership, values and commitment worthy of being an owner in our firm,” said Chazen’s President, Mark Kastner, P.E. “They each have contributed greatly to the company’s success through their hard work, dedicated client service and technical expertise.  They join the next generation of Chazen’s future leaders who will help take the firm to even higher levels. It is a pleasure to welcome them as new Principals.”

In addition to the two new Principals, Chazen’s ownership includes Richard Chazen, P.E., Daniel Stone, P.E., Mark Kastner, P.E., Steven Alex, P.L.S., Joseph Lanaro, P.E., James Connors, P.E., Roger Keating, P.E., James “Andy” Rymph, RLA, Christopher Lapine, P.E., Peter Romano, P.E., Sean Doty, P.E., Lauren Gillett, PHR, Eric Johnson, P.E., Chris Round, AICP, Russell Urban-Mead, CPG, Stuart Mesinger, AICP, Barbara Beall, PWS, Ed Larkin, P.E.,  Arlette St. Romain, and Bruce Wells, P.L.S. Chazen also has an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) for the benefit of all of its employees.

Chazen’s Senior Principals, Richard Chazen, P.E. and Daniel Stone, P.E., added, “Chazen is truly a generational company.” Richard’s father, Milton Chazen, founded The Chazen Companies in 1947, and transitioned leadership of the firm to Chazen and Stone in the mid-1980s. “We are very pleased to continue the tradition started by Milton, in which ownership of Chazen remains within the firm and passes from one generation of owners to the next. We congratulate these two individuals on becoming shareholders in our firm, and we are confident that Chazen will be in good hands for many years to come.”

George A. Cronk, III, P.E., CMS4S, Director, Municipal Engineering

Mr. Cronk is a Professional Engineer with over 17 years of civil engineering experience. His professional background and range of experience allows him to lead projects with a focus on product quality, schedule compliance, client service, and recognition of budget considerations. He routinely manages projects with complex engineering requirements. Mr. Cronk has expertise in public sector civil engineering, roadway design, stormwater management and SEQRA review. Mr. Cronk has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

Larry Boudreau, RLA, Director, Land Development

Mr. Boudreau serves as Chazen’s Director of Land Development Services. He has over 25 years’ experience as both a registered landscape architect and as a development manager for real estate development companies. Mr. Boudreau manages large scale land development project and is responsible for all aspects of project design and approval. He has extensive experience in land planning, project management, acquisition due diligence and business intelligence. His experience includes regional and community planning, commercial and institutional land use planning, golf course design, residential master planning, regulatory review and permitting. Mr. Boudreau has a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of New Haven in West Haven, CT.