Chazen in the News!

June 16, 2016
Employee Stock Ownership Plan Company

The Chazen Companies, an engineering firm based in Poughkeepsie, has 12 positions open, some of which have been vacant for almost a year, according to Lauren Gillett, principal and vice president of the company. Some of those jobs include, assistant project engineer, construction inspector and mid-level civil engineer. 

According to CEO Mark Kastner, one major group has been under-represented in job interviews at Chazen: medium skill-level employees.

Although the Great Recession officially lasted from December 2007 to June 2009, workers and companies are still feeling the aftershocks, Kastner said. Medium skill-level workers — those who have least 10-15 years of experience — in their field were perhaps most impacted by the recession.

“We’re having problems finding people with 5 to 10 and even 15 years of experience,” Kastner said. “It is an outcome of recession when no one was hiring and they were laying people off. If you talk to anyone in construction and trades, a lot of people in those fields went and did something else. And they left the area because there were no jobs.”

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