Advanced Power

August 9, 2017

Chazen provided support to Epsilon Associates Inc. for preparation of a PSC Article VII Environmental Management & Construction Plan (EM&CP) for Advance Power’s 14-mile long Cricket Valley Transmission Line, from Pleasant Valley to the NY/CT state line.

Ecological tasks included monitoring for endangered rattlesnake and turtle species, agricultural inspections and clearing oversight. A Chazen certified arborist completed a Danger Tree Assessment along the transmission line corridor. Data collected for each tree included position, description (species, size) and rationale for danger tree identification. Chazen also provided a qualified Agricultural Inspector to develop the project’s Agricultural Lands Management Plan. This included developing site specific agricultural information such as fields under active cultivation or agricultural use, unique croplands, vulnerable soils, land or water management features and site specific techniques to avoid impacts. Chazen also provided staff to lead the Pre-Construction Invasive Species Assessment which included development and implementation of the invasive species study protocol at all new pole locations and laydown areas, and consolidating collected data into an invasive species report for inclusion in the EM&CP.

Chazen is providing full environmental monitoring support as work progresses, and developed Work Zone Traffic Control access plans in support of the EM&CP for 24 access points along the corridor.