Aquifer Resource Planning and Zoning

August 9, 2017

Chazen completed aquifer resource analysis of the Town of Philipstown to support Town planning initiatives. The development of aquifer planning recommendations was a recommendation of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan because large numbers of residents and businesses use groundwater as their primary source of water supply.

Chazen provided Philipstown with various water resource maps and a supportive text. Maps included a reference figure with aquifer boundaries and watersheds, a map showing recharge rates and existing parcels below recommended minimum sizes for sustainable well and septic system uses, a map showing historic mines in the Town, and a map showing likely directions of groundwater flow to aid Town review of any groundwater plumes.

The accompanying text clarified the uses and limitations of the various figures, provided a series of water resource planning recommendations, and described methodologies used to identify approximate recharge rates and sustainable septic system densities. The report also describing existing water resource uses and threats and recommended adoption of a model zoning ordinance previously developed by Chazen.

The Town then adopted an aquifer protection ordinance based substantially on Chazen’s aquifer mapping and adopted zoning language using the recommended model regulation.