Bedrock Wells

August 9, 2017

Chazen conducted fracture trace analysis to recommend well drilling locations for a water district in the Town of Southeast. Chazen then managed well installation and testing, resulting in development of successful wells, each exceeding project requirements and providing over 100 gallons per minute.

Chazen conducted a hydrogeologic review including examination of geology and field evidence suggesting the presence of fractures which might convey groundwater to wells. Suggested locations which also met set-back requirements from property lines and wetlands were prioritized.

Chazen then worked with a well driller to advance two wells. Each encountered water-bearing fractures and were advanced to formal well testing. The flow tests each included monitoring of drawdown and collection of water quality samples.

A written report describing the site hydrogeologic work was reviewed by regulating agencies, yielding approvals leading to current productive use of these wells by this community water system.