Brookwood Secure Center

August 9, 2017

The potable water for Brookwood Secure Center and Columbia Secure Center are supplied from the nearby Town of Greenport. An existing 50,000-gallon elevated water storage tank on site provides fire and drinking water storage for the two facilities. The tank was constructed in the early 1960s, and inspections indicated it is approaching the end of its useful life. NYSOGS retained Chazen to assist with the design of a replacement water storage tank. Chazen’s design includes replacement of the existing water storage tank with a new tank of similar capacity, retrofits to the water softener building’s envelope and MEP systems, replacement of the SCADA system, and addition of a chlorine injection system to improve chlorine residuals. Chazen is currently completing the final design submission and will provide support to NYSOGS during the bid and construction phases of the project.