Cold Springs Road Corridor Reconstruction

August 16, 2017

Chazen was the project administrator, town designated engineer and supporting technical consultant assisting the Town of Stillwater with the re-development of approximately 6.3 miles of road. Chazen developed the design report for SEQRA compliance which included an evaluation of impacts to surface water and wetlands, an ecological evaluation and a Toler Analysis.

Chazen completed wetland permitting and ecological reviews including a Joint Permit Application to the Corps of Engineers under Nationwide Permit 14, and to the NYSDEC for Freshwater Wetland Permits, Stream Disturbance Permits and a Section 401 Water Quality Certificate. Chazen reviewed all culvert crossings of the roadway for habitat and hydraulic connectivity and recommended improvements to culverts where they were perched or inadequately sized for expected high flows. Chazen developed a wetland mitigation design, monitored construction and conducts annual monitoring of a 0.9-acre wetland mitigation site.