Stillwater – Water Connectivity

August 9, 2017

Chazen was retained by the Town of Stillwater to evaluate supply options to serve its water customers as part of a Shared Municipal Services Initiative (SMSI) grant. Chazen’s evaluation identified a connection to the Saratoga County Water Authority (SCWA) water system as the preferred option. Chazen completed a preliminary engineer’s report for the water line extension and an associated map, plan, and report for the consolidation of three existing Town water districts that would be serviced by the new connection. The project includes approximately seven miles of 10-inch, 12-inch, and 16-inch water main connecting the Town water system to the SCWA system. In addition, a new 1,000,000-gallon elevated tank was designed to provide domestic and fire protection storage, booster chlorination facilities and metering. The project also included the design of a primary control and communication system to remotely monitor and supervise the boost chlorination facilities and water storage tank, collect real-time operational information such as water levels, set points, and relay alarms to operator via a telemetry system.