State Seal Spring Corrective Evaluations

August 9, 2017

The State Seal Spring at the Saratoga Spa State Park ceased discharging water at the Joseph L. Bruno Pavilion. Chazen was retained to assess the spring source and recommend immediate and long-term reliability recommendations for this popular water source.

Chazen conducted a soil boring program to characterize and develop a conceptual model of the source water hydrogeology, including a review of the systems used to deliver the water to the public pavilion.

Chazen conferred with the system operator implementing immediate corrective actions. Chazen also provided a hydrogeologic assessment report summarizing technical findings and recommendations for future improvements to enhance the sustainable and high-quality water yield.

Chazen’s work focused on gathering sufficient data to describe the natural environment, examining the source and its limits, reviewing climatic factors influencing aquifer recharge, and examining the infrastructure used to deliver water to the public. Chazen presented both short- and long-term corrective action options.