Danskammer Energy Facility GW Monitoring RCRA Closure

August 9, 2017

Chazen assisted with the final closure of the former sludge drying beds of the RCRA-Solid Waste Management Unit at the Danskammer Energy Facility. Chazen evaluated the existing wells, determining which were serviceable or could be brought back to service. In accordance with NYSDEC’s RCRA closure guidance policy, Chazen prepared and submitted a work plan, sampling analysis plan and quality assurance plan. Two rounds of groundwater sampling from several wells with analysis for the full list of RCRA waste profile parameters were completed. Prior to sampling, water level measurements were collected to confirm the direction of groundwater flow. Chazen prepared a letter report for submission to the NYSDEC including methods used to conduct the investigation, observations, field sampling logs, laboratory results summary, historical data trends, maps and figures.