Ecological Resource Services

August 9, 2017

Chazen’s environmental scientists have extensive experience working with rare plants and animals at the federal and state level. Chazen’s biologists include federally-recognized Phase 1 and Phase 2 bog turtle surveyors. Our scientists also have New York State licenses to handle Blanding’s turtles, timber rattlesnakes, Karner Blue Butterflies, and Frosted Elfins.

For Karner Blue Butterflies and Frosted Elfin, Chazen prepared the first federal Habitat Conservation Plan in the northeastern United States under Section 10 of the federal Endangered Species Act. Chazen has completed habitat and population studies for Karner blue butterflies, Blanding’s turtles, bog turtles, and timber rattlesnakes, and has concluded environmental monitoring for utilities, highways, public use and commercial facilities for many of these species. Chazen has obtained NYSDEC Incidental Take Permits for Blanding’s turtles, Timber Rattlesnakes and Short-eared owls. Chazen also regularly undertakes consultation for federally and state-listed bat species.

Chazen’s biologists are recognized specialists in rare plant surveys, and Chazen has also completed invasive species management assessments, surveys, plans, and monitoring.