Enlarged City School District of Troy

August 2, 2017

The project entailed a full redevelopment of existing athletic fields and associated parking areas for the Doyle Middle School and High School campus. Chazen was responsible for the coordination and design of a synthetic multi-use football/soccer/lacrosse field (Field Turf) as well as a synthetic JV baseball and JV softball field complex. The project also included new discus throw, tennis courts, bleachers, dugouts, irrigation system modifications, drainage improvements, ticket booth, fencing, sidewalks, landscaping and parking upgrades. Additionally, the existing track was widened to eight-lanes and resurfaced with a high-end resilient surface. A new 150-seat baseball bleacher system, field lighting and an upgraded PA system were part of the design along with anew electronic score board, high jump, triple jump steeple chase and long jump facilities.