Blanding’s and Bog Turtles

August 9, 2017

Chazen has provided a variety of services related to endangered Blanding’s and Bog Turtles, include:

  • Development of NYSDEC required Incidental Take Permit applications for two projects.
  • Development of Blanding’s Turtle Encounter and Relocation Plans and providing training for contractors at four project sites.
  • Monitoring construction at two highway projects including one project for over 12 months, with three daily site visits.
  • Monitoring construction at a new irrigation system and irrigation pond project for a state agency.
  • Monitoring construction at a new fire station.
  • Monitoring construction for a Central Hudson Gas and Electric utility project upgrade.
  • Coordinating a two-year Blanding’s Turtle population study on a site managed by a state agency.
  • Monitoring for bog turtles at a Metro North Railroad Training Facility construction site.
  • Monitoring for bog turtles on a utility line construction site.