Hudson Wire Mill Remediation

August 7, 2017

Chazen performed an environmental study of a former Wire Mill which was purchased for reuse as an indoor storage space. The focus of the study was to determine whether the former use presented a risk of degraded environmental conditions to users of the facility. A passive soil gas investigation was performed to determine the extent of the chlorinated volatile organic compounds beneath the facility. The results of the soil gas investigation were used to focus subsequent soil sampling and well installation.

The selected remedy included: 1) mitigation of badly stained interior surfaces through cleaning and sealing; 2) installation of SVE under the building to remove VOC from the vadose zone and to preclude vapors from migrating into the building; 3) installation of a dewatering trench system in the area of highest groundwater concentrations with discharge to POTW (and possible pre-treatment) to remove impacted groundwater and to depress the water table to facilitate the SVE system; and 4) deed restrictions.