October 3, 2017

Adler Consulting provides transportation consulting services for many mixed-use projects.

Adler worked with the City of New Rochelle, NY to perform a traffic impact study for a 120,000-square foot residential tower containing 250 units now called Trump Plaza. A traffic study was also completed for LeCount Square, an 850,000 square foot complex containing retail, office, hotel and residential units as well as evaluating over 20 intersections, a parking sufficiency study for a new 2,600-square foot garage and design of a traffic signal for an intersection.

In addition, Adler consulted on the application and approval process for the development of a Stop and Shop supermarket in downtown White Plains. They also prepared a traffic impact study for The Container Store, a 24,000-square foot retail store in White Plains, NY.

Traffic engineering services for another mixed-use development consisted of approximately 522,000 square feet of office space in one building, and 200 residential units and a 192 room hotel in another building. The development also included construction of retail space, restaurant and parking area.