Route 9 Gateway Plan

August 3, 2017
Lake George Gateway

Northbound travelers visiting the Town of Lake George enter from US Route 9 as they exit I-87 (the Northway). Wide travel lanes, lack of access control, cluttered signage, and the absence of pedestrian and landscape features created an unattractive entrance to the Town. Acknowledging the importance of the gateway, the Town hired Chazen to assist the community in developing a new vision for Route 9 with the establishment of the Route 9 Gateway Plan.

The plan called for improved connectivity to the Lake George Battleground State Park and waterfront areas, provisions for snowmobiles, lighting and landscaping treatments, and green stormwater infrastructure. Pedestrian and multimodal improvements include bike lanes, bus stops, crosswalks (including a mid-block HAWK signal), planted medians, trail connections, and access management features.

The plan was prepared with a small “seed grant.” The results inspired action by the NYSEFC, NYSDOT and NYSDOS resulting in these agencies funding over $8M to design and construct the improvements.