Stream Calming Design

August 9, 2017

The Lake George Association retained Chazen to perform a field investigation and stream calming assessment of an unnamed Class AAA tributary entering Lake George. The stream’s 300-acre watershed had become more developed, resulting in increased erosive conditions generating sedimentation and water quality impairments to Lake George and potential navigability issues at the stream’s lake outlet.

Chazen conducted a comprehensive field inventory of existing surface drainage conditions, and developed a GIS-based land cover data and watershed conditions file. From these, Chazen established a watershed-scale hydrologic model using HydroCAD, and developed and tested conceptual improvements to mitigate erosive forces/sedimentation and improve water quality.

Modeled improvements that benefitted stream flow were transferred to concept drawings and order of magnitude cost estimates were developed. Improvements included natural design erosion protection features to return stream hydrodynamics and visual appearance to original conditions.