Stream Connectivity Improvements

August 9, 2017

Chazen was hired by the Hudson River Estuary Program and New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission to provide public education and outreach, identification and screening of candidate correction sites, and preliminary design for specific priority dams and culverts in Hudson River tributaries. Barriers of particular concern were those which currently fully or partially limit movement of Herring and American Eel.

Chazen evaluated selected existing culverts and dams for culvert connectivity restoration and barrier removal. Inspection and evaluation of culvert and dam structures included assessment of structural conditions and screening for ecological, aquatic and cultural resources. Chazen then prepared preliminary designs for realigned culverts and for removal of the dams to facilitate connectivity of aquatic natural resources and species. Corrective designs included preliminary costing information as well as identified permitting requirements and other supporting documentation, included geotechnical studies.

Public outreach included press releases, radio announcements, case study submissions using Chazen’s website and public meetings. Chazen was particularly proud to be associated with New York’s plan to restore open-water flow of priority stream barriers in Hudson River tributaries.