Stream Gaging

August 9, 2017

Chazen helped the Counties establish regional monitoring programs to identify and allow response to changing land uses and climate.

Dutchess County’s monitoring program prioritizes groundwater capacity monitoring, tracking groundwater levels in aquifers distributed across rainfall zones and in differing aquifers across the County. The data allows analysis of seasonal variability in light of annual precipitation, drought, or extreme wet periods. The County’s program includes two stream level gages in watersheds not gaged by USGS (United States Geological Survey), ensuring a broad coverage of stream flow management across the County’s dominant watersheds. In addition to designing and installing the monitoring program, Chazen conducts ongoing data acquisition and gage maintenance services and provides periodic condition updates to the County.

The Orange County Water Authority (OCWA) retained Chazen to establish a turnkey water level gaging program. Chazen helped with equipment selection and installation, and established the initial data acquisition program and schedule. The OCWA continues to successfully manages the gage network, collecting and archiving stream elevation data for various planning applications.