Town of Stillwater

August 9, 2017

Stillwater is located on the Hudson River in Saratoga County. It is a rural community that has developed a long-range plan to leverage its history and location. The plan celebrates local agricultural assets as well as the Town’s important role in the American Revolution. The Town is actively designing and constructing new trail networks along the waterfront and working with the National Park Service to improve access to the Hudson River. Examples of funding success:

Riverside Trail Community Linkage Project: $350,000
NYSDOT Multimodal Historic Multi-Use Trail: $1,200,000
Historic Towpath Trail Linkage Project: $200,000
Campbell Park: $25,000
Route 4 Zoning and Design Guidelines CDTC: $90,000
NYS Agriculture & Markets Transfer of Development Rights: $25,000
NYSDOS Shared Municipal Services Initiative: $350,000
NYSDOT Route 4 Safe Routes to Schools: $400,000
FEMA Flood Hazard Mitigation: $760,000