University at Albany Dutch Quad

August 9, 2017

The Dutch Quad’s existing interior roadway and pedestrian walkway network had deteriorated, drainage systems had silted in and failed, and the trees were stressed by disease. Lighting was insufficient and conflicts between vehicular traffic were significant. Chazen provided design services that improved safety, enhanced the student environment and added versatility to the landscape.

The updated design restricts vehicular traffic to a smaller area, which also provides for parking, including ADA-compliant parking. The balance of the Quad is now devoted to pedestrian use in an urban park-like setting. Reconstruction work required the removal of existing pavements and replacement of most subsurface utilities including sanitary sewers, storm drainage and irrigation systems. Existing trees were evaluated for general health, and over 200 trees were removed and replaced. Enhanced gathering nodes were constructed to provide settings for students to congregate and study. New diagonal cross connections provide enhanced circulation and improved safety. Signature landscape elements include benches, trash receptacles, lighting standards and fixtures, pavement systems and bollards.