Veteran’s Memorial Park

November 20, 2017
Veterans Memorial Park, Cohoes, NY

This community engagement project involves the renovation of an existing public greenspace (West End Park) to transform the site into a first-class memorial park honoring the City of Cohoes’ service veterans. The park development process is a collaboration of the Cohoes Veterans Committee, City Officials and contributions from the City Department of Public Works (who will provide a portion of the construction) to maximize the available funding to deliver maximum impact for the community. Memorial elements include relocation of monuments currently residing in other areas of the City, new service branch monuments and flags, memorial cannons, and donor pavers, benches and flags. Park improvements include decorative pavements, viewing nodes, seating areas, new pedestrian lighting and landscape enhancements. The five-month project was initiated in May 2017 and opened in time for Veterans Day 2017!