Wellfield Management

August 9, 2017

The Town retained Chazen to evaluate declining yields from vertical and angled wells installed near the Hudson River. Chazen’s well design reviews and well redevelopment support have helped extend the operational life of this wellfield.

The Town selected physical well redevelopment followed by carbon dioxide treatments to redevelop their sand and gravel wells. Chazen managed yield tests before and after physical redevelopment and has continued these evaluations during repeated injection events to record the effectiveness of each treatment. The analysis has allowed development of recommended schedules and priorities for future treatments. Analyzing these specific capacity yield tests requires tidal corrections due to local estuary conditions near the wells.

Chazen also conducted detailed analyses of the well designs to help the Town select redevelopment methods and energy levels, and better anticipate eventual well replacement and design schedules.

The various wellfield management methodologies being applied in the Town of Bethlehem can substantively extend the lifespan of production wells.