Service: Geotechnical Engineering

Subsurface Investigation and Design

August 7, 2017

Chazen has extensive experience with developing and implementing subsurface exploration programs and preparing geotechnical interpretive reports. We work with our clients to develop cost effective subsurface investigation programs to obtain the necessary information to support planned development. We work on all types and scales of projects from single family residences to complex million square foot specialty structures. Our interpretive reports identify the subsurface conditions, recommend an allowable bearing capacity and lateral earth pressure loads, provide site specific seismic design data, … Continue reading “Subsurface Investigation and Design”

Stream Restoration & Culverts

Working with authorities having jurisdiction and our in-house environmental scientists and engineers, Chazen has assisted with numerous stream restoration and culvert replacement projects. We perform initial assessments of stream banks and culverts, and then implement a geotechnical subsurface program to support design and preparation of construction level documents that comply with all regulatory requirements. Project examples include: Dry Brook Restoration – Hardenburgh, NY Van Weiss Point Road / Hudson River Restoration – Glenmont, NY Stanford Road Culvert Replacement – Washington, … Continue reading “Stream Restoration & Culverts”

Slope Stability

Chazen has extensive experience with slope stability issues. Our services include implementing subsurface investigation programs, performing slope stability analyses, preparing geotechnical interpretative reports that address slope failures, and developing and implementing monitoring programs. We design both preventive measure for new development adjacent to steep slopes and design solutions for failing slopes. Chazen’s reports have contributed to FEMA submissions in response to slope failures caused by hurricanes and tropical storms. Project examples include: Van Ness Road – Stillwater, NY Linden Hills … Continue reading “Slope Stability”

Retaining Walls

Chazen prepares design and construction documents for a wide variety of retaining walls. Whether the wall system is a gravity, cantilever, secant pile, sheet pile, tieback, soil nail or mechanicalized stabilized earth using geogrids, we have the experience to identify the appropriate system to provide the optimal solution while considering aesthetics and cost. We have worked with natural stone, gabion baskets and numerous suppliers of segmental blocks (both large and small). Chazen has the experience to incorporate tiered walls, stairs … Continue reading “Retaining Walls”


Chazen’s dam services include safety inspection, preparation of inspection and maintenance plans and emergency action plans, and performing hydraulic, hydrologic and structural stability calculations to complete engineering assessment reports in accordance with DEC guidelines. When necessary to rehabilitate or modify a dam to conform with newer regulations, Chazen prepares design and construction level drawings. Project examples include: Upper and Lower Wiccopee Dams – Putnam Valley, NY Hollowbrook Dam – Cortlandt, NY Dover Knolls Dam – Wingdale, NY Fresh Air Fund … Continue reading “Dams”


Bridge - Keele Residence

Chazen designs and prepares construction documents for vehicle and pedestrian bridges. Design services include implementation of a geotechnical subsurface program to support foundation/abutment design and coordination with manufactures as necessary to prepare construction level documents. Understanding permitting requirements, Chazen develops abutment designs that minimize impacts to stream banks allowing for short permit approval timelines. Project examples include: Keele Residence – TN SUNY Albany Pedestrian Bridge – Albany, NY Potash Road – Lake Luzerne, NY Voorheesville School – Voorheesville, NY