Service: Grant Writing & Administration

Town of Stillwater

August 9, 2017

Stillwater is located on the Hudson River in Saratoga County. It is a rural community that has developed a long-range plan to leverage its history and location. The plan celebrates local agricultural assets as well as the Town’s important role in the American Revolution. The Town is actively designing and constructing new trail networks along the waterfront and working with the National Park Service to improve access to the Hudson River. Examples of funding success: Riverside Trail Community Linkage Project: … Continue reading “Town of Stillwater”

Lake George Route 9 Gateway Plan

Chazen helped the Town of Lake George develop a new vision for US Route 9, the gateway to the region’s premier tourist destination. The Route 9 Gateway Plan recommended traffic calming measures, a planted median, a mid-block pedestrian signals/crossing, permeable pavements, native plantings and other green infrastructure techniques. Chazen assisted the Town in securing funding and implementing this transformative project. Funding included: NYSDOT Strategic Transportation Enhancement Program-STEP: $900,000 NYSDOT Transportation Enhancement Program-TEP: $1,100,000 NYSEFC Green Innovation Grant Program:  $553,000 NYSDOS … Continue reading “Lake George Route 9 Gateway Plan”

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

The CDBG program is a federally funded program that is administered locally by New York State’s Office of Community Renewal. The CDBG Program provides grants for community facilities, public infrastructure, housing rehabilitation and related community development activities. Chazen has successfully secured and administered CDBG infrastructure, public facilities, housing rehabilitation and economic development awards exceeding $32,000,000, including over $8,000,000 in the last 5 years. Recent successes include: Village of Whitehall, NY 2016 CDBG Infrastructure: $750,000 2015 CDBG Infrastructure: $600,000 2014 CDBG … Continue reading “Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)”