Service: Land Surveying

NYSOGS – Harriman State Office Campus

July 17, 2017
Harriman State Office Campus, Albany NY

Chazen completed a boundary survey of the 350-acre Harriman State Office Campus for the purpose of subdividing and conveying portions of the Campus for private development. Chazen also completed a detailed topographic survey and underground utility mark out to support site design and construction.

NYSOPRHP Survey for the Acquisition of Lands of Tobin

James Baird State Park

Chazen completed a property boundary survey of the Tobin property planned for acquisition by NYS and for combination with the adjacent James Baird State Park. The property was comprised of 135 acres of fallow farm land, forested and wetland areas. Chazen utilized Leica network GPS receivers to establish primary site control in NAD83 and NAVD88 datums. Leica robotic total stations were utilized to complete survey traverse and data acquisition. Data reduction, analysis and mapping was completed using AutoCAD Civil 3D … Continue reading “NYSOPRHP Survey for the Acquisition of Lands of Tobin”

Brown’s Beach ALTA/NSPS Boundary Survey

Brown's Beach, Stillwater, NY

Stillwater’s Brown’s Beach property deteriorated over time, becoming overgrown with vegetation since it was last open in 2007. In recent years, the property was pursued by private developers for housing. However, the Town was able to purchase the 9-acre parcel to return it to public use. Chazen performed an up to date boundary survey as part of the property closing documents. The survey included establishing the riparian boundaries of Saratoga Lake. In addition, the Town hired Chazen to reengineer and … Continue reading “Brown’s Beach ALTA/NSPS Boundary Survey”

Open Space Institute Boundary Survey and Subdivision Map

Open Space Institute

Chazen was retained by the Open Space Institute to provide a boundary survey and three lot subdivision of the Westney property, formerly a part of Freeman’s Farm on which the first engagement of the Battle of Saratoga was fought. The purpose of the survey was to monument the boundaries and subdivide the 183-acre parcel to allow donation of a portion to the Saratoga National Historic Park and a portion to the Town of Stillwater for use in developing a trail … Continue reading “Open Space Institute Boundary Survey and Subdivision Map”

General Electric Solar Parking Lot

General Electric Solar Parking Lot

As part of a Campus wide topographic and utility survey, Chazen provided survey within the area of the existing Building 273 parking lot for the design of a solar parking lot. Once the design was completed, Chazen provided subsurface utility mark out and construction stakeout which included staking and offsetting each column for the solar arrays. The survey was performed during early mornings and late afternoons since at other times the parking lot was in use. General Electric expects to … Continue reading “General Electric Solar Parking Lot”

Valley Health Services

Valley Health Services - Assisted Living

Chazen provided an ALTA / ACSM boundary and topographic survey on 221 acres for the development of a new assisted living facility. Other survey tasks, easement mapping and descriptions, construction stakeout and an as-built survey.  

Union College – Science and Engineering Center

July 14, 2017
Union College – Science and Engineering Center

Chazen completed a conventional topographic and utility survey for the design of a new addition to Union’s Engineering and Science Center. After completion of the conventional survey, Chazen was retained by the lead architect to perform a 3D high definition laser scan and provide a point cloud of the exterior of the existing Science and Engineering Center, Wold Center, and  Bailey, Butterfield and Steinmetz Halls.  

Nevele Tower 3D High Definition Laser Scanning

Nevele Tower

Chazen was retained by Nevele-R LLC to provide 3D High Definition Laser Scanning. The scanned areas included the basement level, first floor, second floor and tenth floor Suite of the Nevele Tower. The full exterior of the building was also scanned.  The deliverable was a registered point cloud in REVIT format.  

John Boyd Thacher State Park – Visitors Center

John Boyd Thacher State Park – Visitors Center

Chazen provided a topographic and utility survey for a new visitor’s center at John Boyd Thacher State Park. The new $3.8M, 8,240-square foot visitor’s center is located atop the Helderberg Escarpment in Albany County and is located next to the trailhead and picnic area for the Indian Ladder Trail. Thacher Park offers views of the Hudson Valley, Green Mountains and foothills of the Adirondacks. The new center is designed to introduce visitors to the park’s trails and to provide environmental education.