Service: Municipal Engineering

Dixon Road Culvert Rehabilitation

August 17, 2017

Chazen assisted the Town with evaluation of a deteriorating 84″ CMP culvert. Chazen determined that the deterioration was due to significant corrosion and joint separation at one of the culvert’s pipe joints. Chazen presented options for both rehabilitation of the culvert via “slip-lining” or complete replacement. While the report was under consideration and design documents for rehabilitation were being developed, the culvert showed additional and advanced deterioration. The Town then deemed the project and emergency and Chazen designed an emergency … Continue reading “Dixon Road Culvert Rehabilitation”

Safe Drinking Water Improvements

August 9, 2017

Chazen provided design, permitting and construction support for the replacement of approximately 4,235 linear feet of water facilities within the Culver, Factory, McIntyre, Wing, Taylor, Lock, and Canal Streets area. In addition, Chazen provided the same services for Washington County Sewer District #2 for the separation of 1.650 linear feet of combined sewer system in the same area. This project required the complete reconstruction of many of the roads affected by the project. The Village’s portion of the project received … Continue reading “Safe Drinking Water Improvements”

East Greenbush Wastewater Treatment Plant

Chazen designed extensive improvements to the East Greenbush Wastewater Treatment Plant. Facility and process upgrades totaling $16M increased the Plant’s permitted capacity from 2.2MGD to 4MGD. In addition to designing the improvements, Chazen obtained permits, and provided construction administration inspection services.

Wastewater Treatment Plant and Pump Station Improvements

Chazen evaluated and designed improvements to various operational components of the Village of Lake George’s wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). Improvements included a new septage receiving station and associated building and pump station, improvements to the secondary clarifiers, a new secondary sludge transfer pump and repurposing of the existing sludge transfer pump to pump only supernatant from the dewatering belt press. The project also included the rehabilitation of approximately half of the WWTP rapid infiltration beds. Chazen also designed improvements to … Continue reading “Wastewater Treatment Plant and Pump Station Improvements”

East High Street Culvert Rehabilitation

East High Street

Chazen prepared plans for an emergency replacement of a failed culvert. The project was subject to complex regulatory scheme that included the need for individual NYSDEC stream and wetland disturbance permits, a water quality certification and a Corps of Engineers permit. The joint permit application considered several alternatives and Chazen successfully obtained permits to replace the culvert rather than slip-line it as was originally envisioned.  

Multi-Road Reconstruction Design


Chazen provided comprehensive design and construction services for the redevelopment of approximately 6.3 miles of roadway in the Town of Stillwater. Surveying services included establishing primary project control employing static GPS methods and secondary control using conventional surveying techniques, right-of-way determination, GPS control, topographic survey, fee taking and easement map preparation. Engineering services included subsurface exploration and interpretive analysis, utility inventory, coordination and relocation planning, and development of a storm water management plan and SWPPP for linear application. Chazen prepared … Continue reading “Multi-Road Reconstruction Design”

Village of Stillwater Water Connectivity

Chazen was retained to evaluate connection to the Saratoga County Water Authority (SCWA) water system for the Village of Stillwater. Based on a preliminary designed engineering report, Chazen made funding applications to state and federal agencies. The project included over eight miles of 12-inch water main connecting the Village water system to the SCWA system. Improvements included chemical feeds, altitude valves, and tank fill piping modifications at the Village’s two water tanks. On behalf of the Village, Chazen was successful … Continue reading “Village of Stillwater Water Connectivity”

Brown’s Beach Redevelopment

The Town of Stillwater acquired 7.3 acres of waterfront property on the southern end of Saratoga Lake. Known as Brown’s Beach, the property was originally established in 1918 as a family resort and historically was used as a privately-operated recreational area including at times an amusement park, beach, marina, picnic area, bath house and bed & breakfast. Chazen worked with the Town to craft a plan to breathe new life into Brown’s Beach and provide residents and tourists with the … Continue reading “Brown’s Beach Redevelopment”

Water Plant Improvements

June 9, 2017

Chazen was retained by the Village to evaluate a series of 20 groundwater spring boxes and to provide treatment for drinking water deemed to be Groundwater Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water. After considering several alternatives, the Village decided to expand its existing water treatment plant to use cartridge filtration and to continue to use chlorination as a disinfectant. The treatment plant expansion designed by Chazen provides for roughing filters, a five-micron filter series and a one-micron absolute finishing … Continue reading “Water Plant Improvements”