Service: Property Transaction Services

Taconic Biosciences

August 9, 2017

Taconic Biosciences is a provider of genetically engineered mice and rats for laboratory and research use. Chazen conducted a Phase I and a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of the breeding facility in New York and Transaction Screens of four New York offices and research locations. Chazen also coordinated Phase I ESA efforts for facilities in Indiana, Denmark and Germany.

Land Conservation Projects

For over 17 years, Chazen has been conducting Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for the Open Space Institute (OSI) on properties throughout New York State. Since 2012, we have conducted more than 35 Phase I and Phase II ESAs for OSI, and have provided additional services such as property boundary surveys, underground storage tank removals and impacted soil removal. Through several term contracts, Chazen to date has conducted over 230 ESAs and over 60 pre-demolition asbestos surveys for NYC … Continue reading “Land Conservation Projects”

Middletown Psychiatric Center Phase I

Chazen conducted a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of a 33-acre portion of the former Middletown Psychiatric Center in preparation for sale of the property. The site included railroad tracks, former agricultural land (i.e., orchards and pasture land), and 19 structures built between the 1900s and the 1960s. The structures included medical treatment offices and patient care centers, a welding shop, multiple garages, a coal fired power plant, pool house, and several residences. Chazen also provided guidance regarding applicable asbestos … Continue reading “Middletown Psychiatric Center Phase I”

Frontier Town

Chazen has been working with the Open Space Institute on the proposed redevelopment of the Frontier Town property (aka Gateway to the Adirondacks) since 2016. Frontier Town was a wild west theme park that opened in the 1950s, and has been vacant since it closed in 1998. The approximately 70 structures on the 327-acre site include a restaurant, motel, gas station, steam-powered railroad road, forge replica, saw mill, grist mill, cottages, stables, concession buildings and restrooms. Chazen conducted a Phase … Continue reading “Frontier Town”

Kenwood Convent Albany

Chazen conducted a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of an approximately 76-acre property that had been utilized as a novitiate, church, school, and religious retirement facility from 1859 through circa 2006. At least 18 buildings were located on the site including the main building/school (built in the mid-1860s), three residences (two of which were built in 1841), multiple maintenance buildings, and sheds. Additionally there were numerous underground storage tanks. Coal was formerly used and stored on the site and a … Continue reading “Kenwood Convent Albany”

Ulster County Phase II ESAs

Chazen was contracted by Ulster County to conduct Phase II Environmental Site Assessments of a former gasoline station and a former tire recycling facility. Phase II activities included a ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey of both properties, and preparation and implementation of a detailed work plan for each site. Areas of soil and groundwater investigation included former buildings, various septic systems, former underground petroleum storage tanks, drainage areas and drinking water quality.

Lake George Hotel and Resort

Chazen conducted a Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment for a potential development on a 7.6-acre property. Plans included a hotel and resort with 129 rooms and suites, two pools, whirlpool, sauna, fitness room, restaurant and lounge, outdoor basketball court and putting green. Nearby properties include a Highway Department, multiple commercial properties, gasoline station, bowling alley, park land and residences.

Angry Orchard Phase I/II/Pre-Demolition Survey

Chazen worked with the Boston Beer Company to develop a cidery for their Angry Orchard brand cider. Chazen was involved with the project from the feasibility study stage (including Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments) through site plan design, planning and approvals and construction. Chazen was responsible for all aspects of site design including survey, master planning, wetland delineation and permitting, civil site design, water supply, wastewater disposal and stormwater management. Chazen conducted asbestos surveys and structural evaluations … Continue reading “Angry Orchard Phase I/II/Pre-Demolition Survey”

Ellis Hospital Phase I/II/Pre-Demolition Survey

Chazen conducted a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of a former recreational vehicle sales and service property. The report was prepared consistent with current standards and also met the requirements of the US Housing and Urban Development Agency (HUD). The scope of work included evaluation of potential vapor encroachment, wetlands, endangered species/significant habitats, noise, explosive/flammable hazards, sole source aquifers and airport clear zones. The property included a showroom, offices, vehicle maintenance and service areas, a modular office trailer, vehicle … Continue reading “Ellis Hospital Phase I/II/Pre-Demolition Survey”