Service: Regulatory Compliance Services

PCB Compliance Training

August 9, 2017

Chazen provides PCB compliance support for an energy services firm. The support services include facility operations compliance, transportation requirements, recordkeeping and training.

RCRA Audit

Chazen provided a comprehensive hazardous waste audit under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) for a biotechnology company. The review was to identify any noncompliance conditions regarding the facility’s hazardous and medical waste management. The review included reviewing waste profiles, manifest reviews, storage practices, recordkeeping and training.

Industrial Storm Water Permit

Chazen provided a technical review of chemical storage and handling practices for a chemical manufacturing plant. After the technical review, it was determined the facility would not need to prepare a storm water plan, permit or conduct sampling, which provided considerable savings for the owner.

DOT Hazardous Materials Training

Chazen provided DOT hazardous materials shipping training for production, shipping and technical staff for a global manufacturer of specialty chemicals. The training was for DOT labeling, safety, operations and security requirements.

Lithium Battery Compliance Review

Chazen provided regulatory guidance and training for new DOT lithium battery ground and air shipping requirements for a manufacturing client. Lithium battery compliance requirements are very detailed and have been subject to recent regulatory changes.

Air Permit Services

Chazen reviewed proposed air emissions for a new metals fabrication manufacturing site and developed Potential-to-Emit values identifying site eligibility for a facility air program. The calculated values and Chazen’s air program familiarity helped the site owner prepare appropriate application materials and secure their desired new facility air registration. Chazen then assisted the facility owner with a status review and update of an existing air facility registration.

Skidmore College SPCC Plan

Skidmore College

Chazen updated the College’s Spill, Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) providing compliance updates, equipment reviews, engineering certification and training.

Water Draw Down Permit

Chazen provided an engineering review for a water draw down permit for an on site operating well as part of a NYSDEC requirement. Chazen assisted the client with a technical evaluation to determine their operation would not be subject to permit requirements.

TSCA Chemical Review

Chazen provided technical assistance to help a manufacturer with a new EPA submittal requirement. Chazen helped provide regulatory evaluation, chemical risk assessment and submittal guidance. This was a first time submittal of a complex new regulation of which Chazen assisted the client to submit on time and successfully.