Service: Utility Engineering

Danskammer Energy RCRA Closure

August 9, 2017

Chazen assisted with the final closure of the former sludge-drying beds in the Solid Waste Management Unit at the Danskammer Energy facility. Chazen evaluated the existing wells, determining which were serviceable or could be brought back to service. In accordance with NYSDEC’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) closure guidance policy, Chazen prepared and submitted a project Work Plan, Sampling Analysis Plan and Quality Assurance Plan. Chazen completed two rounds of groundwater sampling from several wells with analysis for the … Continue reading “Danskammer Energy RCRA Closure”

National Grid Tupper Lake Substation

Chazen was contracted by National Grid to fast track a wetland delineation for a substation upgrade, completing it in less than one week from authorization to proceed. Chazen worked with National Grid’s surveyors to complete the survey work, and prepared and submitted the wetland delineation report to regulatory agencies for verification. The project required permits from the Adirondack Park Agency (APA). Chazen assisted in submitting the permit application to the APA including the General Information Request (GIR), Wetland Supplemental Information … Continue reading “National Grid Tupper Lake Substation”

NYPA Environmental Monitoring

NYPA environmental monitoring

Chazen provided environmental monitoring services for the Marcy South Series Compensation Project. The project involved constructing series capacitor banks on the northeast corner of a New York State Electric and Gas Corporation substation and adjacent to the NYPA-maintained transmission corridor. Chazen acted as NYPA’s on-site representative, with “stop work” authority, to ensure that all construction activities were conducted in accordance with the Public Service Commission (PSC) approving orders and other applicable laws and regulations. Chazen reviewed quality control issues with … Continue reading “NYPA Environmental Monitoring”

NYPA Licensing & Permitting Term Contract

Chazen was selected by NYPA for a Licensing & Permitting five-year term contract. The contract includes assisting in the siting, environmental review and permitting of transmission and generation projects, including new facilities and upgrades to existing facilities.

National Grid Transco Survey

Chazen surveyed a portion of the 150-mile Edic to Pleasant Valley Transmission Line. The survey included 22 miles of transmission line from the Dutchess County -Columbia County Line to the Con Edison Substation in Pleasant Valley. Chazen’s services included land records research, desktop mapping, field survey including GPS control and conventional terrestrial traverse, right-of-way and easement determination, and identification of easement deficiencies and mapping. Chazen also coordinated utility designating along the route as the Iroquois Transmission gas pipeline also occupied … Continue reading “National Grid Transco Survey”

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Substation

Electrical Towers

Chazen provided complete site plans for a proposed electric substation including grading, drainage, client proprietary surface treatments, driveway design and fencing layout. Chazen also completed an endangered species habitat assessment, wetland delineation and due diligence review on the 20-acre site.  

Iroquois Gas Transmission System


Chazen provides wetland and ecological services along Iroquois’s utility corridor, which stretches from the St. Lawrence River to Long Island. Services include stream and wetland delineations, endangered species reviews, and identification of invasive species concentrations prior to vegetative mowing along the right-of-way. Chazen also provides permitting for cathode protection installation, stream subsidence and bank stabilization efforts, and vegetation maintenance monitoring to ensure compliance and to minimize the spread of invasive species.

National Grid Piercefield Transmission Line

Transmission line

Chazen undertook a wetland delineation of the right-of-way where poles were to be relocated for the Piercefield Transmission Line near the Raquette River. The purpose of the project was to relocate the power line to avoid on-going icing problems. In addition to the wetland delineation, Chazen prepared a Joint Permit Application to the Army Corps of Engineers, which also included application to the NYSDEC and APA. Chazen coordinated the preparation of a visual impact assessment, which included developing visual simulations. … Continue reading “National Grid Piercefield Transmission Line”