Service: Water Supply, Treatment, Storage & Distribution

Meyers Street Water and Sewer System Expansion

August 9, 2017

Chazen provided design, permitting, and construction support for the installation of new water and sewer facilities for the newly formed Sanitary Sewer District No. 5, Extension No. 4 and Water District No. 6, Extension No. 3. The project included 16 parcels which were serviced by individual wells/septic systems or substandard municipal utility connections. The project involved design and construction of approximately 1,300 feet of water main and 1,200 feet of sanitary sewer main including hydrants, manholes, valves and laterals to … Continue reading “Meyers Street Water and Sewer System Expansion”

Safe Drinking Water Improvements

Chazen provided design, permitting and construction support for the replacement of approximately 4,235 linear feet of water facilities within the Culver, Factory, McIntyre, Wing, Taylor, Lock, and Canal Streets area. In addition, Chazen provided the same services for Washington County Sewer District #2 for the separation of 1.650 linear feet of combined sewer system in the same area. This project required the complete reconstruction of many of the roads affected by the project. The Village’s portion of the project received … Continue reading “Safe Drinking Water Improvements”

Tillinghast Avenue Water System Rehabilitation

Chazen provided bidding and construction services for replacement of approximately 1,200 feet of water main along with new water services to approximately 30 homes fronting a traditional village street. This project was funded by the NYS Office of Community Renewal.  

Forever Wild Water Tank

Chazen assisted the Forever Wild Water Company (FWWC) evaluating its finished water storage tank. The tank was constructed in the early 1960s and was in a state of disrepair. Chazen performed an alternatives analysis for the replacement of the tank. Chazen also assisted with permits and approvals from the NYS Department of Public Service and Adirondack Park Agency. Chazen designed the replacement tank chosen by FWWC. In addition to the tank design, Chazen provided design services associated with a monitoring … Continue reading “Forever Wild Water Tank”

Schodack Island State Park Water System Improvements

Schodack Island

NYSOPRHP engaged Chazen to complete modifications to the Schodack Island State Park’s water treatment plant to meet the additional water demand of new campground facilities. Chazen designed a redundant water supply well in addition to the water and sanitary sewer facilities for the new campground. Modifications to the water treatment plant included the addition of second bag filter train, modification of the chlorine injection location, replacement of the booster pumps and inclusion of a new hydropneumatic tank.

Village of Stillwater Water Connectivity

Chazen was retained to evaluate connection to the Saratoga County Water Authority (SCWA) water system for the Village of Stillwater. Based on a preliminary designed engineering report, Chazen made funding applications to state and federal agencies. The project included over eight miles of 12-inch water main connecting the Village water system to the SCWA system. Improvements included chemical feeds, altitude valves, and tank fill piping modifications at the Village’s two water tanks. On behalf of the Village, Chazen was successful … Continue reading “Village of Stillwater Water Connectivity”

Water Plant Improvements

June 9, 2017

Chazen was retained by the Village to evaluate a series of 20 groundwater spring boxes and to provide treatment for drinking water deemed to be Groundwater Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water. After considering several alternatives, the Village decided to expand its existing water treatment plant to use cartridge filtration and to continue to use chlorination as a disinfectant. The treatment plant expansion designed by Chazen provides for roughing filters, a five-micron filter series and a one-micron absolute finishing … Continue reading “Water Plant Improvements”