Service: Wetlands & Ecology

Cold Springs Road Corridor Reconstruction

August 16, 2017

Chazen was the project administrator, town designated engineer and supporting technical consultant assisting the Town of Stillwater with the re-development of approximately 6.3 miles of road. Chazen developed the design report for SEQRA compliance which included an evaluation of impacts to surface water and wetlands, an ecological evaluation and a Toler Analysis. Chazen completed wetland permitting and ecological reviews including a Joint Permit Application to the Corps of Engineers under Nationwide Permit 14, and to the NYSDEC for Freshwater Wetland … Continue reading “Cold Springs Road Corridor Reconstruction”

Hudson River Comprehensive Restoration Plan

Chazen was selected by The Nature Conservancy to serve as a Technical Lead for the Water Access and Navigation chapter of a new Comprehensive Restoration Plan for the Hudson River. Chazen assembled Hudson River water access and navigation experts who together evaluated the River’s history, current trends, drivers and stressors associated with water access and navigation. The evaluation included mapping of resources using GIS. Chazen’s team developed a list of action items and restoration targets to address commercial navigation, ports, … Continue reading “Hudson River Comprehensive Restoration Plan”

Ecological Resource Services

August 9, 2017

Chazen’s environmental scientists have extensive experience working with rare plants and animals at the federal and state level. Chazen’s biologists include federally-recognized Phase 1 and Phase 2 bog turtle surveyors. Our scientists also have New York State licenses to handle Blanding’s turtles, timber rattlesnakes, Karner Blue Butterflies, and Frosted Elfins. For Karner Blue Butterflies and Frosted Elfin, Chazen prepared the first federal Habitat Conservation Plan in the northeastern United States under Section 10 of the federal Endangered Species Act. Chazen … Continue reading “Ecological Resource Services”

Expert Witness Testimony

  Chazen was retained to provide expert witness analysis and testimony on behalf of NYSDOT regarding the extent of wetlands and floodplains on a property and their impact on development potential. To prepare for this assignment, Chazen completed a wetland delineation, survey, and floodplain assessment of the property, and incorporated that information into an expert witness report discussing federal and state regulation of the wetlands, and local regulation of the floodplain. Chazen then provided expert testimony in the NYS Court … Continue reading “Expert Witness Testimony”

Frontier Town

Chazen has been working with the Open Space Institute on the proposed redevelopment of the Frontier Town property (aka Gateway to the Adirondacks) since 2016. Frontier Town was a wild west theme park that opened in the 1950s, and has been vacant since it closed in 1998. Among other assignments, Chazen has been responsible for conducting wetland delineations and ecological assessments on the 205-acre site, including coordination with the NYSDEC to identify regulated protected streams with the Adirondack Park Agency … Continue reading “Frontier Town”

Blanding’s and Bog Turtles

Chazen has provided a variety of services related to endangered Blanding’s and Bog Turtles, include: Development of NYSDEC required Incidental Take Permit applications for two projects. Development of Blanding’s Turtle Encounter and Relocation Plans and providing training for contractors at four project sites. Monitoring construction at two highway projects including one project for over 12 months, with three daily site visits. Monitoring construction at a new irrigation system and irrigation pond project for a state agency. Monitoring construction at a … Continue reading “Blanding’s and Bog Turtles”

Advanced Power

Chazen provided support to Epsilon Associates Inc. for preparation of a PSC Article VII Environmental Management & Construction Plan (EM&CP) for Advance Power’s 14-mile long Cricket Valley Transmission Line, from Pleasant Valley to the NY/CT state line. Ecological tasks included monitoring for endangered rattlesnake and turtle species, agricultural inspections and clearing oversight. A Chazen certified arborist completed a Danger Tree Assessment along the transmission line corridor. Data collected for each tree included position, description (species, size) and rationale for danger … Continue reading “Advanced Power”

Iroquois Pipeline

Chazen has held a term contract with Iroquois Gas Transmission System LP since 2012 to assist with wetland and ecological activities along their utility corridor stretching from the St. Lawrence River through Connecticut to Long Island. Assignments have included delineation of streams and wetlands, reviews for endangered species, and identification of concentrations of invasive species in advance of vegetative mowing practices along rights-of-way. Chazen monitors vegetation maintenance activities to ensure compliance with timing restrictions for stream crossings, wetlands, endangered species, … Continue reading “Iroquois Pipeline”

National Grid Karner Blue Butterfly Habitat Survey

Chazen has conducted surveys for the federally and NYS endangered Karner blue butterfly (Lycaeides Melissa samuelis) and state threated frosted elfin (Callophrys irus) as well as blue lupine (Lupinus perennis), the host plant for butterfly larvae. Surveys were conducted along approximately 161 miles of utility rights-of-way near Albany in eastern New York, the Tonawanda region of western New York, and the Rome Sand Plains of central New York. Surveys consisted of mapping populations of blue lupine and butterflies with Trimble … Continue reading “National Grid Karner Blue Butterfly Habitat Survey”